According to the accounting records, the area of land owned and co-owned by the City of Poznań within its administrative boundaries amounts to 97.1 km2 and its book value is nearly PLN 12.2 billion.

The areas owned by the City of Poznań which are not encumbered with the right of perpetual usufruct, usufruct, or permanent management constitute the largest percentage of the land ownership structure and cover an area of nearly 71 km2 with a total book value of PLN 9.1 billion.

A large share is also found in City land let for:

  • perpetual usufruct – with an area of over 12.5 km2 and a value exceeding PLN 640 million
  • permanent management – with an area of over 7 km2 and a value of nearly PLN 1.6 billion.

The land let for usufruct and normal management covers an area of 6.4 km2 and its value amounts to PLN 598 million.

Percentage of land in the balance sheet register of the City of Poznań (highest values) in 2017.
According to book value According to the area occupied
Transportation areas 47,33% Forests 26,65%
Arable land 12,01% Transportation areas 25,86%
Residential areas 10,49% Arable land 17,49%
Source: Poznań City Hall


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