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Poznań City Hall’s archive, photo. M. Nowaczyk

The Poznań road network consists of 920 km of hard-surfaced streets, of which more than half (52%) are in very good or good condition.

Investment and renovations

The most important renovations and investment carried out last year included:

  • reconstruction of Święty Marcin Street in the section from Gwarna Street to Ratajczaka Street as part of the “Programme for the City Centre” project – stage 1 – reconstruction of tram routes and calming car traffic in the following streets: Święty Marcin, Fredry, Mielżyńskiego, 27 Grudnia, Wolności Square, Towarowa”
  • reconstruction of civil engineering works over Inflancka and Chartowo Streets as part of the “Poznań Rataje – Franowo” programme; in 2017, Katowicka Flyover was opened, the construction of viaducts over Inflancka and Chartowo Streets was completed
  • construction of a pedestrian crossing near the “Żegrze II” tram stop – the crossing is equipped with traffic lights, bicycle crossing and infrastructure for future monitoring; the existing stairs on the slope at the intersection of Żegrze and Łącznika Streets towards the Orła Białego neighbourhood, at Primary School No. 64, were adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility
  • construction of the Viennese stops in Górna Wilda Street
  • construction of pedestrian crossings in Wierzbięcice-Matyi and Chartowo-Bliźniąt Streets
  • reconstruction of pedestrian crossings in Główna-Harcerska and Obornicka-Hulewiczów Streets
  • reconstruction of traffic lights in Garbary-Estkowskiego Street.
Traffic management

In the city centre traffic lights are successively switched off to optimise public transport traffic, improve the flow of general traffic and the safety of unprotected road users (pedestrians and cyclists).

In 2017, a contract was signed for the phased implementation of the Traffic Management Support System, the basic software was deployed and the first stage of the inventory process was completed. Ultimately (by 2019), the system will allow for the development of a traffic flow plan database, optimisation of the approval process regarding traffic flow plans, registration of signs and signalisation, as well as better opportunities to analyse and reduce traffic safety hazards.

Traffic safety in Poznań

In 2017, there was an increase in the number of accidents in Poznań.

In 2017, there were 896 accidents, i.e. twice as many as in 2016. The death and injured toll increased as well. There was, however, a slight decrease in the number of road collisions.

Road incidents and their consequences
YearAccidentsCollisionsDeath tollInjured toll
2017/2016 %208.498.3166.7200.9
Source: Poznań Police Headquarters

The greatest number of accidents and collisions were recorded in the following streets: Głogowska, Hetmańska, Krzywoustego, Dąbrowskiego and Grunwaldzka.

Poznań streets by the number of road incidents
Street name Number of accidentsNumber of collisionsDeath tollInjured toll
Jana Pawła II11166012
Source: Poznań Police Headquarters

Most accidents were caused by car drivers (783) and cyclists (150). Pedestrians were responsible for 72 accidents.

The most common causes of accidents included failure to yield the right of way and failure to adjust speed to road conditions. Police officers point to excessive speed, recklessness of young drivers, as well as inattention and lack of concentration, which may be due to, e.g. using a mobile phone while driving.