Since 21 August 2017, tenants renting municipal flats have been served directly by administrators of Zarząd Komunalnych Zasobów Lokalowych Sp. z o.o.

Administration of municipal housing stock

In each of the former districts of Poznań, new Customer Service Centres (CSC) have been established. By then, Zarząd Komunalnych Zasobów Lokalowych Sp. z o.o. outsourced management of municipal housing stock to external companies. For 11 years, this task was implemented by three different enterprises: in 2006-2009 – Feroma Sp. z o. o.; 2010-2013 – Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Mieszkaniowej S.A. and in 2014-2017 – ZZN WAM Sp. z o. o.

The decision to change the method of administration was preceded by numerous analyses which showed that with the new CSCs, not only would the costs of flat administration be reduced, but the quality of service would also improve. One of the most important reasons for the change was the residents’ dissatisfaction with the quality of services provided by then.

By resigning from the services of intermediary companies, Zarząd Komunalnych Zasobów Lokalowych Sp. z o.o. introduced changes improving the quality of service and accelerating the majority of procedures. Orders concerning, e.g. maintenance of flats, reporting breakdowns, clearing utility costs, checking the account balance or the indebtedness of the flat will be handled more efficiently. Uniform customer service standards were also introduced. The introduction of new CSCs was preceded by an intensive information campaign.

Rent for municipal housing stock

The monthly rent for municipal flats is determined based on Order of the Mayor of Poznań No. 809/2016/P of 23 November 2016 regarding the determination of rental rates for flats, in line with the adopted rental policy included in Resolution No. LXIII/985/VI/2014 of the Poznań City Council of 25 February 2014 regarding the management programme for the housing stock of the City of Poznań for 2014-2018 (consolidated text from 2016).

The monthly rent rate is determined taking into account factors that increase and decrease the utility value of the flat in accordance with the point criterion specified in the flat’s point sheet.

The fixed minimum rent for dwellings is PLN 4.90/m2, while the maximum one is PLN 12.90/m2. In 2017, the average rent rate for flats from the municipal housing stock was PLN 7.56/m2. The amount of rent determined for social flats was PLN 2.45/m2.

The lowest monthly rent rate for dwellings PLN 4.90/m2
The highest monthly rent rate for dwellings PLN 12.90/m2
The average monthly rent rate for dwellings PLN 7.56/m2

At the end of 2017, the debt due to unpaid rents amounted to PLN 130.7, accumulated by 8.3 thousand debtors. In 2017, 567 compensations were paid for non-delivery of social flats, in the total amount of PLN 7 million.