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Activities to improve the conditions of childcare were carried out as part of the “Poznań programme of care for children up to 3 years old for 2016-2020.”

Nursery care institutions

In 2017, in Poznań, there were:

  • 14 public day nurseries functioning within 4 Nursery Complexes,
  • 92 non-public day nurseries (3 more compared to 2016),
  • 15 children’s clubs (4 more than in 2016),
  • 83 day carers (5 more compared to 2016).

In total, care facilities for children up to 3 years old provided 5.2 thousand places, including public nurseries over 1.2 thousand places and non-public 3.5 thousand places. 203 places were prepared in children’s clubs, and 415 places in day carers.

The offer of public nurseries and some of non-public nurseries functioning in Poznań is presented in the internet system “Nabór” run by the City of Poznań.

New nursery care instruments

In 2017, the Poznań City Council adopted a resolution on the establishment of the Poznań Childcare Benefit, which aims to support parents in paying for the child’s stay in a non-public day nursery.

The Quality Standards of Care for Children up to 3 years old were also developed for the nurseries of Poznań.

New places of nursery care

In 2017:

  • 9 thousand places of care in 60 non-public nurseries were co-financed from the City budget,
  • 297 places in public nurseries were subsidised, 1,892 places in 60 non-public nurseries were partially financed and 22 places in nurseries were adapted to the needs of children with disabilities and requiring special care from financial resources of national programmes “Toddler” and “Toddler plus 2017 – special edition For Life,”
  • as part of the EU project “Improvement of Access to Childcare Services for Children up to 3 years old in the City of Poznań”, 59 places of nursery care in 2 non-public facilities “Kaczka Dziwaczka” and “Kolorowy Domek” were adapted to children whose parents have difficulties finding employment due to care for a small child.


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PLN 1,424.31 – the average monthly cost of maintaining one place in a public nursery

PLN 1,027.83 – the amount of the average monthly subsidy provided by the City of Poznań to maintain one place in a public nursery

PLN 391.40 – the amount of the average monthly extra charge of parents for the care of a child in a public nursery

27.48% – the percentage share of parents in the cost of maintaining 1 place in a nursery

Nannies in Poznań:

The average age of a nanny – 28

The average hourly wage of a nanny – PLN 10.93

The average nanny’s experience in care for children – 2 years

Percentage of nannies caring for children under the age of 3 – 53

Number of carers registered in Poznań – 5,202

Number of men carers – 41