Health care and social assistance
Hospitals and pharmacies
Number of beds in general hospitals358xx
Number of pharmacies299xx
Social assistance
The number of people in families benefiting from social assistance in total, including due to:24 63522 38090,8
long term or serious illness11 49711 33398,6
poverty9 5408 53089,4
unemployment5 9834 27471,4
disability5 8945 76497,8
learned helplessness5 4974 90489,2
need for maternity protection2 9632 45582,9
homelessness1 3241 376103,9
violence in the family9574 106429,0
The number of pensioners in social welfare homes (including subsidiaries, as at 31.12), of which in institutions for:664687103,5
children and young people with intellectual disabilities5960101,7
elderly and the physically disabled people134136101,5
chronically somatically ill343345100,6
Value of social assistance benefits implemented as part of municipal tasks (own and commissioned) in PLN million79,1315,3398,8
Source: Poznań City Hall