In 2017, the Poznań City Hall developed and implemented numerous practices and solutions to streamline the performance of its tasks, improve safety, and improve the quality of service and life of residents.

These included, among others:

  • campaigns were organised to remind customers, before issuing a reminder, of their obligation to pay taxes, thus reducing the number of reminders issued
  • an information campaign on the tax on means of transportation was organised in order to promote the universality of taxation
  • customers can use electronic means of communication (the e-PUAP platform) to submit their declaration on the tax on means of transportation
  • a campaign involving delivering correspondence on the amount of due real estate tax to Poznań residents was carried out through couriers, thanks to which savings of nearly PLN 265 thousand were achieved
  • a series of “Vademecum Lokatora” (“Tenant’s Vademecum”) programmes was broadcasted on WTK TV, in which issues related to housing assistance, evictions, housing programmes, as well as housing policy of the City of Poznań were discussed
  • the position of the Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of the City of Poznań for tenant interventions was created in order to, among others, undertake justified interventions to protect the rights of tenants of the local community of the City of Poznań, support tenants in the area of renting premises, assist tenants in contacts with landlords and with external institutions, i.e. law enforcement agencies, courts, court enforcement officers, utilities providers
  • due to the residents’ very good reception of the new locations of the Department of Civil Affairs and Transportation Entitlements (established in 2016), in 2017 the branches were expanded, in particular the one located at ul. 28 Czerwca 1956 r.
  • in connection with the activation and integration of seniors, e.g. free transport for seniors – residents of Social Welfare Homes – was organised for trips to theatres, trips to the vicinity of Poznań, as well as to Christmas meetings,
  • application of pro-social mechanisms involving social economy entities in the implementation of tasks financed from public funds (requirements and recommendations concerning the application of appropriate social clauses in the award of public contracts by the PCH were included in the Regulations for the application of social clauses)
  • modernizations, renovations of rooms and buildings as well as extension of fire protection systems in PCH’s buildings were carried out, and the necessary investment purchases were made – in 2017 nearly PLN 9 million was allocated for investments and renovations of PCH’s facilities
  • in order to improve customer service and to meet the expectations of the wedding ceremony participants, the hall on the ground floor of the Weighing House was renovated and adapted into a waiting room
  • renovation of the façade of the Poznań Benefits Centre building
  • the building of the Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych (“Mechanical Engineering Schools Complex”) in Poznań at ul. Świerkowa 10, was rebuilt for the needs of the Archives of the PCH.
  • premises in PCH’s buildings were made available for training, conference and cultural purposes to external parties (28 times)
  • 22 exhibitions were co-organized in the PCH building at pl. Kolegiacki 17

Free Courtyard

As in previous years, the courtyard of the Poznań City Hall at pl. Kolegiacki 17, the so-called Free Courtyard, was made available to residents and tourists. Various kinds of meetings and events were organized there, e.g.:

  • the international “One Bilion Rising” campaign
  • the happening “Konstytucja ma głos”
  • Dzień Samorządu Terytorialnego
  • Festiwal Teatralny “Teatr na Wolnym”
  • Festyn Farny “Warkocz Magdaleny”
  • “Dzień z Elvisem Presleyem”
  • a concert for Poznań’s seniors in connection with the organization of the event “Inauguracja Senioralni. Poznań 2017”
  • art workshops for children Rączki, nóżki malują” as part of the “Nic się tu nie dzieje” series
  • concerts, film screenings
  • an Italian evening
  • an auction of bicycles from the deposit of the Lost and Found Office
  • a bicycle marking campaign.

Continuing activities aimed at opening the PCH’s space to tourists and residents, in 2017 the task of rebuilding and opening the ground floor part of PCH’s building C at pl. Kolegiacki 17 to residents and tourists was commenced.