In 2017, promotional expenditures from the City budget amounted to PLN 4.0 million.

The City of Poznań communicates on several most popular social media platforms. The City aims to:

  • strengthen the visibility of its activities and facilitate reaching the user with its message,
  • build a strong community involved in the activities of its brand,
  • constantly monitors what Internet users speak about it and what language they use, and meet the needs of tourists.


The most popular channel of communication in social media used by the residents is Facebook. The official profile of the City of Poznań – Miasto Poznań – had 197,691 “likes” at the end of 2017. It gathers not only residents, but also a wide range of foreigners living in Poznań or visiting the city – hence some of the communication is also in English.

Moreover, in September 2017, the “Rzecznik Prasowy Miasta Poznania (“Spokeperson of the City of Poznań”) Facebook profile was renamed to “Poznań.pl Portal”, thus unifying the identification with the official website of the City and improving accessibility for residents. Last year, the number of “likes” tripled to 13,632 at the end of the year. This translates into an increase in the range of displays on the website in question.


Another communication channel used by the City is Instagram. Since the creation of the Poznań.pl Portal profile in November 2017, a range of 800 “followers” has been reached, while the profile of the City of Poznań had 23.6 thousand “followers” at the end of 2017.


The City also regularly publishes video materials on the official channel of the City of Poznań – Miasto Poznań – on YouTube, which means that the number of subscribers to the channel and its coverage is growing – at the end of 2017 it amounted to 2.5 thousand subscriptions. The City prepares important and engaging content and tries to build an active community around it.