The reach of the social campaign “Keep the Warta clean” is 931 735.

In 2017, the City implemented many information and educational campaigns.The most important of these were:

  • “36.6” – a campaign on tolerance. The aim of the project was to raise an important issue, which is respect for every human being and combating discrimination. The campaign raised many issues – prejudices against people of different religious beliefs, ethnic origin, as well as against people with disabilities. The idea of the project was promoted by a film posted online, which shows how the people watching the thermal camera look like – 36.6 degrees Celsius is a common denominator, which connects all people.
  • “Przesiądź się” – campaign on sustainable transportation. The aim of the campaign was to encourage citizens to combine different modes of transport when travelling around the city and its outskirts (car – tram – bike – train – on foot) and at the same time to promote a culture of driving among all road users. Residents should be aware of the importance of public transport (trams, buses, bicycles), which is economically advantageous, significantly reduces travel time and minimizes the harmful impact of transportation on the environment.
  • “Zamień pity na benefity” – a campaign which encourages to pay taxes in Poznań by presenting numerous benefits resulting from the City’s share in the income from PIT. The project is addressed to people living, studying, or working in our city.
  • “Szacun dla zawodowców” – a campaign concerning vocational education, presenting the offer of Poznań vocational and technical schools, discussing the benefits of acquiring a specific profession, and thus encouraging junior high school students to take up education in vocational schools.
  • “Trzymaj czystą Wartę” – a campaign concerning cleaning and taking care of the Warta River in Poznań. The educational activities were aimed at drawing attention to the fact that maintaining cleanliness is a common responsibility of all persons using the areas of the Warta River.
  • Poznański Budżet Obywatelski (“Poznań’s Participatory Budget”) – a series of workshops for students of Poznań schools and senior citizens were organized. During the classes, participants got acquainted with the idea of Poznań’s Participatory Budget and could learn how to submit a project to the civic budget. As part of the stage of submitting applications to the PPB, an application writing marathon was organised, during which the employees of the Poznań City Hall and the municipal organisational units provided specific, technical instructions necessary to correctly fill in the application to the PPB. Additionally, a comprehensive promotion and information campaign was conducted in traditional and social media, which encouraged both to submit applications and to take part in the PPB 2018 vote.
  • Wspieranie Centrów Inicjatyw Lokalnych (“Supporting Local Initiative Centres”) – a promotional and information campaign was developed and implemented, including an advertising brochure promoting re-granting, local community organization and the best grass-roots initiatives implemented by Poznań’s residents as part of grants awarded to non-governmental organizations. Production and broadcasting of advertising spots on TVP3 and WTK were supported and a film promoting the activities of Local Initiative Centres was prepared.