In 2017, the number of e-service users amounted to nearly 130,000.


The following digital solutions were used by the Poznań City Hall in 2017:

  • e-administration – enables remote handling of official matters concerning, e.g.:
    • issuing duplicates of decisions on deleting from the business activity register
    • filing tax returns, also with respect to tax on transport vehicles
    • checking the dates of receipt of registration documents and duplicates of registration plates
    • checking the status of applications for the exchange of driving licenses, issuing registration certificate
    • deregistration of vehicles, reviewing the location of casinos and game salons
  • electronic appointment booking system – enables customers to make an appointment at the Poznań City Hall and to check the current queue of pending customers; confirmation of the arranged date and time of the appointment is sent to the customer by a text message
  • mailbox on ePUAP (Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services) – the Poznań City Hall has several collections on the ePUAP, handled by the various departments, into which issues are sent concerning mainly:
    • acquisition of State Treasury property
    • tree felling
    • audits in schools
    • environmental impact assessments
    • entry into the Central Registration and Information on Business
    • financial statements
    • issuing copies of civil status certificates
    • refund of stamp duties
    • cancellation of enforcement
    • information from drivers’ training centres (e.g. about the start of a course)
    • information about the sale of a vehicle
    • issuing ID cards
    • sharing data from the population registry
    • entries in the register/list of voters
    • reporting registering out of permanent residence/reporting permanent/temporary residence
    • administrative decisions of the Urban Planning and Architecture Department
    • sharing public information
    • completing surveys
    • taxes
    • posting announcements.
  • The number of applications sent by residents to the Poznań City Hall through ePUAP is systematically growing; in 2017, nearly 15.8 thousand such applications were received.
  • an open access system to city information and data – an information broker system, operating within Miejski Informator Multimedialny (city multimedia guide), enabling automatic downloading of content through a set of APIs that provide open data in formats available to developers of web applications, and its implementation in external information and service websites. An open API provides resources of Miejski Informator Multimedialny to www.poznan.pl (content and services), Public Information Bulletin www.bip.poznan.pl (content) and the Spatial Information System. The data is used in public applications. Some of them were created on the initiative of the City in the course of organised hackathons, i.e. informal workshops for developers, consisting in joint work on the published source code or interface of a city website, or competitions for developers (organised by the City of Poznań in cooperation with external companies)
  • “Nabór” (recruitment) system – system support for educational recruitment, enabling online enrolment of children to nurseries, kindergartens and schools
  • online thematic exchanges, including:
    • job market for education workers
    • schoolbook exchange
    • recruitment to work at the Poznań City Hall
    • recruitment to student internships and positions of lay judges
  • WITKAC – a system for handling grant procedures, facilitating the correct and error-free submission of applications for subsidies by NGOs, enabling ongoing monitoring of the progress of awarding contracts under tenders and facilitating the procedures relating to entering into agreements, reporting and settlement of subsidies.

The total number of users of e-services in 2017 was nearly 130 thousand.

The City also offers the option of being informed about threats through text messages sent by the Crisis Management Centre.

Open & Agile Smart Cities

The City of Poznań supports the sharing of open public data and actively engages in developing solutions for smart urban space management. The city is a member of Open & Agile Smart Cities. The purpose of cooperation with this international association is to exchange experiences and good practices in the field of using open data and building innovative solutions for the Smart City, in particular through participation in the mainstream of technological and civilisational transformations that will shape and define the development of urban environments in the next decade. Measures taken in this respect are to improve the management of the urban organism and bring benefits not only to city units, but also to external entities and residents.

Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of the City of Poznań for Smart City issues

In 2017, a Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of the City of Poznań for Smart City issues was appointed to coordinate projects implemented in the City of Poznań in the field of public administration. The implementation of the Smart City concept is primarily aimed at ensuring innovative information and communication technologies that will improve the performance of public administration tasks by the Mayor of Poznań. The city intends to provide further sources of information, promote and implement data sharing standards, and build analysis areas and systems based on big data. A network of cooperation and resource sharing is being developed in accordance with the principles of openness, in order to improve the quality of collected and shared data and create conditions conductive to the development of innovative municipal services provided by the growing market of local innovative companies and entrepreneurs.

e-Technologies at the Poznań City Hall

Electronic tools are used also in the ongoing implementation of the Poznań City Hall’s tasks. In 2017, the following tasks were implemented:

  • Mdok system was introduced to unify the procedures in the field of electronic document flow, enabling monitoring of documents’ flow and the progress in case implementation
  • e-learning training in the area of personal data protection and information security was conducted for all employees of the Poznań City Hall
  • free webinars were organised to enhance the employees’ knowledge
  • an electronic project selection procedure was implemented as part of the Poznań Civic Budget.

Since 2017, the City of Poznań has been a partner to the “European cross-border e-invoice in local public supplies in Poland” project. The aim of the project is to transpose European standards regarding electronic invoices (e-invoices) to standards applicable in Poland, thus enabling electronic receipt and processing of e-invoices. The Poznań City Hall will develop and implement new procedures for automated receipt and processing of structured electronic invoices (automated receipt and booking) in the IT system (KSAT 2000).