na zdjęciu widać wyścig rowerowy ulicami PoznaniaPoznań City Hall’s archive, photo. T. Szwajkowski


In 2017, 77 mass sporting events attended by almost 590 thousand participants took place.

International sporting events

In 2017, 22 international events took place, namely:

  • the World Rowing Cup,
  • the International Jumping Competition CSI4* Poznań,
  • the 8th Maciej Frankiewicz Memorial,
  • the International Boxing Games,
  • the European Fencing Festival,
  • the 10th Memorial of Swordsman Jan Nowak,
  • the BISFed 2017 European Regional Open Poznan,
  • the 18th International Wielkopolska Championships and Wojciech Fibak Grand Prix,
  • the Poznan International Swimming Cup,
  • the PKO Poznań Marathon,
  • the PKO Half Marathon,
  • the International Football Tournament “Lech Cup U-12 2017,”
  • the 57th International Poznan Bridge Congress,
  • the 4th Malta Waterpolo Cup,
  • the Swimming Meeting of the Deaf,
  • the FIA CEZ – Central European Zone Road Racing Cup,
  • the 9th Memorial of Jigoro Kano in Judo,
  • the International Traditional Sports Tournament “Pierścieniówka,”
  • the Pomartech Cup – football tournament for children,
  • Bieg Na Tak – Run of Spirit,
  • the 25 Chess Festival in Poznan,
  • the Cavaliada – International Indoor Jumping Competition,
  • the Škoda Poznań Bike Challenge,
  • the Challenge Poznań Triathlon 2017,
  • the ATP Poznań Open,
  • sporting events as part of the project Plaża Wolności 2017.

National and local sporting events

In addition to international sporting events, Poznań also organised national and local competitions, organised by local sport clubs and associations, such as:

  • Grand Prix Polish Cup in Swimming,
  • Academic Polish Championships in 4 Disciplines,
  • 1st Open Polish Krav Maga Championships.

Many sport competitions took place in Poznań’s Malta, mainly competitions in water sports played on the Malta Regatta, including:

  • the Wojciech Skrzypczyński Regatta,
  • the Championships of the City of Poznań and the Youngsters Ranking in canoeing,
  • the Polish Youth Olympic Days and Polish Junior Canoeing Championships,
  • the Wielkopolska Province Canoeing Championships,
  • the Central Spring Control Rowing Regatta,
  • the Polish Seniors’ Rowing Championships,
  • the National Junior and Masters Rowing Competition,
  • the Youth World Championships and Youth National Rowing Championships,
  • the Macroregional Youth Championships and Championships of the City of Poznań and Central Autumn Control Rowing Regatta.

Numerous running events were held on Lake Malta, including:

  • Maniacka Dziesiątka,
  • competition as part of the Logorun Poznań Four Seasons Run,
  • the 8th Economic Five Run,
  • charity Butterfly Run,
  • Bieg na Tak, the income from which was transferred to help people with disabilities,
  • Poznań edition of The Colour Run,
  • the Pragmatiq Ekiden run,
  • Survival Race Poznań,
  • triathlon competition under the Super Legaue Triathlon,
  • the Light Run night run,
  • The World’s Largest Run – Poznań’s edition of the international event, held around Lake Malta on several distances.

The number of participants:

  • 10.4 thousand – the 11th PKO Poznań Half-Marathon,
  • 10 thousand – the Colour Run 2017,
  • 8.6 thousand – the 2nd Poznań Independence Run,
  • 6.3 thousand – the 18th PKO Poznań Marathon,
  • 6 thousand – the Škoda Poznań Bike Challenge 2017,
  • 5.5 thousand – the 4th Wings For Life 2017,
  • 5 thousand – the 13th Maniacka Dziesiątka,
  • 3 thousand – Triathlon Challenge Poznań,
  • 1.5 thousand – the 16th Bronisław Szwarc Memorial,
  • 1.1 thousand – Bieg Na Tak – Run of Spilit,
  • 1 thousand – the 5th International Poznań Swimming Cup,
  • 0.8 thousand – the 34th International New Year’s Run,
  • 0.8 thousand – the 2017 World Rowing Cup.

New sporting events in Poznań

In 2017, the City of Poznań was granted the right to organise several international sporting events. Poznań will become an arena for the struggle of athletes taking part in the World University Futsal Championships in 2019; the same year, it will host participants of the Rowing World Cup, while in 2018, Poznań will host the Super League Triathlon again.

Sporting events in partner cities

The city of Poznań is also promoting itself through the participation of players from Poznań in international sporting events taking place in Poznań’s partner cities. In 2017, these were:

  • the 4th Marathon in Kharkiv,
  • International wrestling competition in Györ – a group of competitors from KS Sobieski Poznań,
  • the Kharkov Run in Memory of Victims of Totalitarianism,
  • the 150th anniversary of the Rowing Regatta Society in Rennes.