Public safety
Crime rate
The number of crimes recorded in total, in thousands, of which:15,513,486,5
criminal offenses13,311,284,2
economic offences1,31,4107,7
traffic offences0,40,4100,0
Number of road accidents429896208,9
Number of victims of traffic accidents in total, including:5331069200,6
killed on the spot88100,0
Crime detection rate in %52,554,4x
Fire Service activity
Number of incidents in total, of which:4 2355 214123,1
fires1 1531 171101,6
local threats2 2143 027136,7
false alarms8681016117,1


Activities of the City Guard of the City of Poznan
Requests submitted to the board judging petty offences /Court, in thousands1,23,5291,7
Number of people fined, in thousands33,144,3133,8
Total amount of fines issued in PLN million3,14,1132,3
Number of reprimands/admonitions, in thousands12,712,296,1
Number of people having their identity checked, in thousands51,661,4119,0
Number of detained persons1718105,9
Number of car wrecks removed6521013155,4
Number of people sent to sobering station1 6601 670100,6
Comments forwarded to companies and other organizational units, in thousands9,89,9101,0
Number of wheel locks installed on improperly parked vehicles, in thousands1216,6138,3
Source: Poznań City Hall