Biuro Poznań Kontakt (“Poznań Contact Office”) provides call and contact center services based on municipal ICT services. In 2017, the Office’s employees conducted over 574 thousand interviews with customers.

Biuro Poznań Kontakt

Within the scope of services provided, the Biuro Poznań Kontakt (Poznań Contact Office) delivers information on administration and the way of providing public services, and offers residents, departments and public service providers of the City a high-performance, multi-channel first point of contact with the City. The employees of the Office are at the residents’ disposal for 12 hours a day.

The Office supports the implementation of a simple language standard in contacts with residents at the Poznań Benefits Centre and in the Department of Civil Affairs and Transportation Entitlements.

Among the telephone enquiries addressed to the Office, the most related to the following areas of the City’s functioning:

  • public transportation and parking zone
  • waste management
  • 500+ child-support benefit
  • pro-family activities and social welfare
  • use and maintenance of municipal housing resources
  • municipal cemeteries administration
  • public transportation entitlements
  • matters of birth, marriage, death, and residency registration
  • local taxes and charges
  • running a business
  • architecture
  • education
  • health promotion measures
  • measures for the benefit of senior citizens
  • operation of free legal assistance points
  • accepting applications within the framework of the “Zima” (“Winter”) campaign.

In 2017, the Poznań Contact Office launched 19 new services, including:

  • ”Złota rączka dla Seniora” (“Handyman for Seniors”)- the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th edition (providing information and registration)
  • ”Taksówka dla Seniora” (“Taxis for Seniors”)
  • ”Szczepienia przeciwko grypie i HPV” (“Vaccination against influenca and HPV”)
  • ”In vitro”
  • ”Żłobki” (“Nurseries”)
  • ”Akcja Zima 2017/2018” (“Winter Campaign 2017/2018”)
  • ”Najem z dojściem do własności” (“Rental with acquisition of ownership”)
  • providing information on the activities and tasks of the Mayor’s Plenipotentiary for tenant interventions
  • providing information concerning the proposal of subscriptions to the landscape resolution
  • Poznań’s Participatory Budget for 2018 (submitting projects).

Moreover, the Poznań Contact Office became the first line of contact for:

  • The Education Departmen
  • The Economic Activity and Agriculture Department
  • The Centre for Family Initiative
  • The Head Office for Traffic Supervision
  • Municipal Services.

The Poznań Contact Office conducted 24 telephone information and survey campaigns (including online surveys), among others:

  • phone contact with taxpayers who are in arrears with the payment of taxes (so-called “soft debt collection”)
  • arranging appointments with customers of the Poznań Benefits Centre
  • information campaign on the amount of tax on means of transportation for 2017
  • mailing campaign on updating the Low-Carbon Economy Plan
  • diversity survey for PCH employees
  • medical service satisfaction survey (web survey)
  • Customer satisfaction survey concerning the Municipal Family Assistance Centre
  • evaluation survey on Poznań’s Participatory Budget 2018
  • a survey of cultural preferences of residents of peripheral estates.

The Poznań Contact Office also undertakes activities aimed at popularising the idea of employing persons with disabilities in the administration, among others through:

  • implementation of the “Inkubator Kadr” (“Human Resources Incubator”) project, which involves using the experience of the Poznań Contact Office to support the process of professional advancement and development of the system of employing people with diagnosed disabilities in the departments of the PCH – in 2017, a total of 3 employees of the Office were employed in other departments of the City Hall
  • organisation of integration lessons POZnan*KONTAKT for students of Poznań primary schools
  • participation in the “Spróbuj PRACY – kompleksowe wsparcie społeczno-zawodowe osób z niepełnosprawnościami w wieku 18-64 lata z terenu Wielkopolski” (“JOB try out – comprehensive social and vocational support for disabled persons aged 18-64 from Wielkopolska”) project
  • co-organization of the annual conference “Klient w urzędzie. O nowoczesnej obsłudze interesanta” (“Customer in the office. On modern customer service”)

The Poznań Contact Office was ranked 1st in the regional stage of the LODOŁAMACZE 2017 competition in the “Institution” category for “particular social sensitivity and promotion of the activity of disabled people in various areas of life”.

Public information

In 2017, 1 228 requests for access to public information were submitted to the PCH. The largest number of applications concerned:

  • urban planning and architecture (251)
  • land management (203)
  • social assistance (165)
  • municipal and housing management (69)
  • education (63)
  • EU projects and revitalisation (59)
  • transportation (52)
  • finances (52).

Most of the submitted applications (over 95%) were accepted and the information was made available.

Response time to requests for access to public information in 2017
Mode of access to public information Average actual response time

(number of days)

Simple information (up to 14 days) 9.1
Information available for re-use (up to 20 days) 8.7
Transformed information (up to 2 months) 37.5
Processed information (up to 2 months) 47.3
Source: Poznań City Hall


In order to increase transparency of public funds and accessibility of public information for residents, the Public Information Bulletin contains registers of agreements and requests for public information.

Open API

The City of Poznań is also implementing a system of open administration API, the aim of which is to provide residents and companies with the content and data of the City. These activities are carried out, among others, through the transformation of the Municipal Multimedia Guide and Public Information Bulletin into an information broker system (5.4 million users in 2017), the development of the Spatial Information System (SIP) to be used for spatial analyses and investments and optimization of the flow of information between the source databases, the state administration, and entrepreneurs.

Free legal aid

The city has introduced a system of free legal assistance provided by barristers and legal advisers in 22 locations. In addition, tax advisers and graduates of law studies also provide advice at 11 locations run by non-governmental organisations.
These points facilitate access to professional legal assistance for those residents who have not previously been able to benefit from such assistance. Free legal assistance consists in:

  • preparing a draft letter of request for exemption from court fees or appointment of an ex officio attorney
  • providing information on the legal status and the rights or obligations to which they are entitled
  • indicating how to solve a legal problem, help in drafting:
    • a draft letter, excluding pleadings, in preparatory or legal proceedings
    • letters in administrative court proceedings.

In 2017, over 7.6 thousand people were granted free legal assistance, including nearly 2.7 thousand in free legal assistance points run by non-governmental organizations.

over 574 thousand calls were handled by the Poznań Contact Office in 2017
7 602 persons were granted free legal assistance in 2017