In 2017, 72 co-financing agreements for the amount of over PLN 537.2 million were signed as apart of the Integrated Territorial Investments.

Operating since 2011, the association continued its activities to date, but also implemented new initiatives, thanks to which the cooperation of local government units was closer and focused on achieving jointly set goals.

In 2017:

the “Master Plan for Poznań Metropolitan Railway” project was completed. Thanks to the concepts developed within this project, it will be possible to carry out investment activities related to the extension and modernisation of the railway infrastructure in the next stage. This is necessary for the implementation of the objectives adopted for the Poznań Metropolitan Railway project, which assumes connecting Poznań to the surrounding communes through a developed network of railway connections – forming an alternative to road and bus transport. In 2017, the competition for the logo of the Poznań Metropolitan Railway was announced and resolved. More than 150 projects from all over Poland have been announced.

agreements have been signed with local authorities that are members of the Association as well as those located outside its boundaries to subsidise connections within the Poznań Metropolitan Railway on transport links from Poznań Główny to Wągrowiec, Jarocin, Nowy Tomyśl and Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

The project “Aktywni obywatele Metropolii Poznań” (“Active Citizens of the Poznań Metropolis”) was implemented, thanks to which the Metropolitan Portal of Social Consultations was created, presenting information on social consultations organised by local governments belonging to the Poznań Metropolis Association. Every resident of the metropolis can find announcements of consultations concerning their commune or district. The new metropolitan online consultation tool is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for all users, including people with disabilities. The published notices cover a wide range of themes, including spatial planning, urban regeneration, transport, environment, culture, sport, tourism, and local development. Users can use their e-mail address to subscribe to newsletter that contains information about new consultations in their area of interest. A survey module was also made available. You will be able to cast your vote on a given matter with your smartphone – on your way to work or without leaving your home at all. The website has also been launched in for mobile devices.
The newly created site is one of many tools of communication with the residents of the Metropolis.

Apart from that, in 2017 the inhabitants of the Metropolis also had at their disposal:

  • The Bulletin of the Poznań Metropolis is available in electronic form and published on the website www.metropoliapoznan.pl, as well as on Facebook www.facebook.com/MetropoliaPoznan/
  • Poznań Metropolis Self-Government Guide in a paper version is distributed among the inhabitants of all the communes of the metropolis

Promotion of the Metropolis

The Association also carried out promotional activities in Poland and abroad, including the promotion of, among others:

  • the investment offer at the MIPIM international property event in Cannes
  • tourist offer at the IMEX business tourism fair in Frankfurt and at the Tour Salon Fair of Regions and Tourist Products at the joint stand of the Poznań Metropolis, the Poznań District, the City of Poznań and the Poznań Local Tourist Organisation.

Economic Forum of the Poznań Metropolitan Area

The largest regional economic conference addressed to entrepreneurs and local government representatives was the 10th Economic Forum of the Poznań Metropolitan Area, co-organized by the Association. The main theme of the jubilee edition of the forum involved breaking down barriers limiting the development of companies operating in the metropolitan area. This issue was discussed during 3 main thematic blocks: hiring workers from the east in response to workforce shortages; how to attract and retain the best workers in your company; how to increase the efficiency of production in response to workforce shortages.

Social projects

In 2017, the Association co-organised or coordinated actions directly involving the inhabitants of the metropolis:

  • VII Metropolitalny Spływ Kajakowy (“7th Metropolitan Canoeing Trip”), with 160 participants;in 2017, the route ran from Czerwonak to Mściszewo to Oborniki; as in previous years, Izabela Dylewska was the rafting commander, a multiple medallist of the Olympic Games and the World and European Championship
  • The “Wspólna nie znaczy niczyja” (“Common Does Not Mean No One’s) campaign – as part of the World Clean-up Day, several communes around the Warta River started to clean up the surroundings of the Warta River at the same time, to make all users of the Warta River aware that a common river does not mean no one’s river and that everyone should take proper care of it.


The development activities of the Metropolis require in-depth analyses and diagnoses of the current socio-economic situation and the residents’ expectations concerning the area covered by such activities. With this in mind, in 2017 the Association commissioned research to develop the following diagnoses:

  • opinion polls on issues related to metropolitan awareness and identity
  • research on tourist and recreational traffic in the Poznań Metropolitan Area.

Metropolitan Planning Commission

An important initiative carried out in 2017 involved the establishment of the Metropolitan Planning Commission, which issues opinions on the studies of the conditions for the directions of municipal development from the point of view of their consistency with the previously developed Concept of the Directions of Spatial Development of the Poznań Metropolitan Area. This will make it possible to coordinate spatial planning throughout the metropolitan area.

Scientists from Poznań received the Award of the Prime Minister for the study “Concept of directions of spatial development of the Poznań metropolis” – commissioned by the Association.

Acanthus Aureus

The activities carried out within and for the benefit of the Association receive the recognition of external bodies. During the Tour Salon Fair of Regions and Tourist Products, the Association received the ACANTHUS AUREUS Award. This award is given to exhibitors who were able to best present their vision of the booth in combination with the company’s marketing strategy.

Integrated Territorial Investments

In 2017, the Poznań Metropolis Association, as the Intermediate Body of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme 2014+, together with the Management Board of the Wielkopolska Region, announced 11 calls for proposals under Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI). The calls mainly concerned supporting low-carbon strategies, including:

  • creating a system of interchanges in the Poznań Metropolitan Area,
  • expanding cycle paths, thermal modernisation of public utility buildings,
  • supporting vocational and general education systems.

In the restricted procedure, a call was opened for the reconstruction of ul. Gdyńska from the city boundaries to the exit to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Between the end of 2016 and the end of 2017, under Integrated Territorial Investments, 72 co-financing agreements were signed for the amount of over PLN 537.2 million, which means that 67% of the allocation dedicated to ITI has already been used. Almost half of these agreements concern the creation of a system of interchanges in the communes of Poznań Metropolitan Area.