In 2017, revenue of PLN 173.1 million was generated from municipal property.

Spatial Information System

The Spatial Information System (SIS) operates in accordance with the principles set out in Order No. 802/2017/P of the Mayor of Poznań, dated 23 November 2017, on the principles of operating the Poznań Spatial Information System. It is used to collect, integrate and process spatial data and to develop and handle related services. The data is presented on many thematic layers, including:

  • ordinal numbering of real properties
  • road classification
  • monuments
  • acoustic map
  • healthcare
  • spatial planning
  • school coverage
  • environmental protection.

In 2017, new layers were developed and Spatial Information Infrastructure services were implemented.

3D model

As part of the SIS, work began on the construction of a 3D model of the city of Poznań along with tools for its updating and publication. The project involves the development of three-dimensional information about the city, which will allow for spatial visualisation of various objects, in particular, existing and planned buildings and structures, as well as terrain. The service will be addressed to residents, entrepreneurs, architecture and space designers, emergency and public order services, as well as other entities that can benefit from 3D visualisation.

“Digitisation and modernisation of the geodetic and cartographic resources of the city of Poznań and the launch of e-services”

In 2017, the “Digitalisation and modernisation of the geodetic and cartographic resources of the city of Poznań and the launch of e-services” project was co-financed with EU funds under the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2014-2020. The value of the project is over PLN 6.8 million. EU funds will account for 85% of this amount. The project will contribute to the development of electronic public services and innovative economy, and will increase the investment attractiveness of the city. In 2017, 3 out of 6 tasks planned as part of the project were completed; the remaining ones are continued.

Residents and enterprises have been offered more opportunities to use the following electronic public services:

  • viewing the address data contained in the Register of Localities, Streets and Addresses
  • viewing and downloading (WMS, WFS, API services) spatial data regarding spatial planning, nature protection, bicycle routes, data from the State Register of Borders and other data
  • handling notifications of surveying work along with the ability to make secure payments through Paybynet.

Work continued on the implementation of electronic document management (internal and external electronic communication as well as electronic case management).

Administrative and technical support for Coordinating Meetings

In 2017, administrative and technical support for the Coordinating Meetings was launched in accordance with the Act of 17 May 1989 – Geodetic and Cartographic Law (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2101, as amended). These meetings are aimed at:

  • coordination of investment activities in the field of line projects, concerning the utilities network in the city area between all stakeholders (maintenance of investment order)
  • geodetic record of projected line projects, as the basis for updating the basic maps for design purposes for subsequent undertakings.

Real property return risk management

In 2017, measures carried out in the field of real property return risk management and legal regulations resulted in the retention of ownership of real property of the City of Poznań worth PLN 16.1 million.

Income from municipal real properties

As a result of measures taken in order to use municipal real property components in 2017 in a proper and optimal way, revenue in the amount of PLN 173.1 million was obtained (6.8% higher than in 2016), of which:

  • 61.4% of income from the sale of real property, of which from the sale of:
    • plots of land – 88.8%
    • flats – 6.3%. In 2017, 4 flats were sold in a tender procedure and 146 ones were sold without a tender procedure to the existing tenants of social flats (the sales were confirmed by a notarial deed)
  • 23.7% was obtained from fees for management, use and perpetual usufruct
  • 9% from lease of property assets.

According to an appraiser’s valuation the average price for 1 m2 of a flat in 2017 was PLN 4.1 thousand.

The average price for 1 m2 of a flat, having taken into account due discounts, was PLN 538.

At the end of 2017, 5,390 lease contracts were in force, covering the area of 6.9 million m2. As part of real property administration, 530 applications for land lease were received, 413 new agreements were concluded, 110 annexes to the existing agreements were signed and 309 lease agreements were terminated. 49 plots of land with an area of 81.8 thousand m2 were sold (as confirmed by a notarial deed), the right of perpetual usufruct to 118 plots of land with an area of 181.7 thousand m2 was transformed into ownership.

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Acquisition of real property

The municipal property resources were increased through the acquisition of property owned by the State Treasury. In 2017, the Governor of the Wielkopolskie Province issued communalisation decisions for 212 plots with a total area of nearly 43 ha. 26 plots with an area of 17.1 ha were purchased to increase the municipal property resources.

In-kind contributions to companies co-owned by the City

In 2017, for the purposes of the development of social housing construction, in-kind contributions were made to:

  • Zarząd Komunalnych Zasobów Lokalowych Sp. z o.o. – ownership of the following municipal real property:
    • Hulewiczów Street – a plot of land with an area of 5.2 thousand m2
    • Darzyborska Street – a plot of land with an area of 9.2 thousand m2
  • Poznańskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego Sp. z o.o. – ownership of the following municipal real property:
    • an area located in the vicinity of Koszalińska-Literacka-Żołnierzy Wyklętych Streets – a plot of land with an area of 20.4 thousand m2
    • an area located in the vicinity of Koszalińska-Literacka-Żołnierzy Wyklętych Streets – a plot of land with an area of 6,4 thousand m2
  • Zarząd Komunalnych Zasobów Lokalowych Sp. z o.o. – the right of perpetual usufruct appertained to the City of Poznań with respect to land property owned by the State Treasury in the vicinity of Biskupińska Street with an area of 16.3 thousand m2

Activation of riverside areas

In order to make a better use of real property and optimisation of using it, projects related to the activation of riverside areas were implemented in 2017, such as:

  • electricity and water supply connections were provided in the areas of the city beaches and the marina in Stary Port
  • further floating bridges were purchased, which enabled the water tram to run during the summer season along a fixed route between Katedra-Rataje-Wilda-Chwaliszewo-Szeląg stops
  • a temporary marina and a water equipment rental were opened
  • construction of a slip for emergency services as well as stairs and a ramp for people with disabilities was launched.