In 2017, the fire service intervened in Poznań 5,214 times.


In 2017, the following were recorded within the administrative borders of Poznań:

  • 1,171 fires
  • 3,025 local threats
  • 1,017 false fire alarms.

Over the year, the number of fires increased by 1.5%. The number of local threats increased by 36.6%, while that of false fire alarms – by 17.2%.

Most fires (98.8%) were described by firefighters as minor ones. In 2017, during fires and local threats in Poznań, 610 people were injured and 56 died (of which as a result of fires – 26 and 2 ones, respectively). Most interventions were recorded in residential buildings and with the involvement of vehicles. The most common cause of fires was carelessness of adults in the use of open fire, while that of local threats – rapid rainfall.

Highlights of incidents in the area of operation of the Headquarters of the Poznań Municipal Police in 2017
Type of incidentNumber of interventionsCall to action evey:
Fires1,9424 hours 30 minutes
Local threats6,8871 hour 16 minutes
False alarms1,4745 hour 57 minutes
Total10,30352 minutes
Source: Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznań


In 2017, PLN 3.4 million was transferred from the City’s budget to the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznań, including PLN 2.8 million earmarked for the construction of a new Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 4 at Lotnicza Street. The remaining funds were spent on fire-fighting equipment and cars.

Preventive actions

In 2017, actions taken to ensure safety, included:

  • inspection and reconnaissance operations carried out by officers from the Municipal Headquarters in public facilities, collective residential buildings, lower-tier establishments, upper-tier establishments, as well as production and warehouse buildings
  • operational activities (identification of objects) as part of exercises conducted by rescue and firefighting units.

During the exercises, capacity was checked as regards carrying out rescue and firefighting operations, access roads, evacuation, and supplying water to extinguish fires.

Preventive programmes

Poznań firefighters cooperated and participated in municipal programmes implemented by the Police, Municipal Police and organisational units of the City of Poznań, e.g. “Safe neighbourhood – safe resident”, “Safe Pre-schooler Academy”.
Furthermore, in order to promote fire prevention, a number of in-house projects and undertakings were implemented, including:

  • “Carbon monoxide – stay alert!” – including regular seasonal educational and information activities as part of a nationwide campaign
  • “Open watchtowers” – an initiative aimed at building mutual trust and social bonds within the local community
  • “Fire education – CircleK fuel stations” – an initiative aimed at increasing residents’ safety.

Throughout the year, fire service officers met with young people and educated them on basic safety rules and safe conduct.