In 2017, the Poviat Construction Supervision Inspectorate conducted 1,353 inspections.

In 2017, the Poviat Construction Supervision Inspectorate conducted 1,353 inspections, including:

  • 305 obligatory inspections
  • 246 inspections of maintenance and the technical condition of the facility
  • 71 inspections verifying the performance of duties
    • 572 examinations
  • 147 checks on the correctness of the performance of works
  • 12 inspections of completed construction projects.

The results of the inspections indicate that owners and administrators of buildings which are in a poor technical condition often keep records of these buildings in breach of the requirements of construction law, which is one of the factors causing further degradation of these facilities. In the case of old buildings with numerous irregularities, inspections revealed that the owner was in possession of periodic inspection protocols from many years, in which the same irregularities were repeatedly indicated, even where a threat to the health or life of the users was found.

In 2017, inspections were carried out to verify whether public buildings, including buildings entered in the register of protective buildings in the City of Poznań, provided by the Poznań City Hall, were in the proper technical condition. 16 public buildings were inspected in this respect. Pursuant to Article 62(1)(3) of the Act of 7 July 1994 – Construction law, as amended, the owner or administrator of a building is obliged to inspect (twice a year) the technical condition of a building whose area exceeds 2,000 m2 or 1,000 m2 of the roof surface, and send information to the Poviat Construction Supervision Inspector on the relevant form.

In 2017, checks were carried out on notices of inspections of keeping large-area facilities in the proper technical condition. Such checks were carried out in 25 buildings.

Small architecture objects located on playgrounds constituted another group of structures subject to control in 2017. The technical condition of play equipment on 16 playgrounds was checked.

In 2017, the maintenance of the oldest Poznań tenement houses, including selected buildings located within the Old Town, in a proper technical condition was also verified. The aforementioned buildings were inspected to check whether their owners and administrators meet their statutory obligations regarding the proper maintenance and use of these facilities, with particular emphasis on meeting the obligation to perform periodic checks on the technical condition of buildings and systems installed therein, keep compliance schedules in a reliable way and complete and store buildings’ documentation. 162 oldest tenements in Poznań were inspected for their technical condition and documentation.

The technical condition of 61 other multi-family residential buildings was also inspected in 2017. It was usually found in the course of these inspections that the owner or administrator complied with the obligations defined in the Act of 7 July 1994 – Construction Law (in particular, kept a compliance schedule along with records of periodic technical condition inspections, based on which schedules of necessary renovation works were prepared). However, the inspections revealed also irregularities relating to the technical condition of the aforementioned buildings, which proved that they had been neglected for many years as regards their maintenance, repairs and renovations.


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