Poznań City Hall’s archive, photo. M. Forecki


In 2017, 563.1 thousand vehicles were registered in Poznań, including 425.4 thousand passenger ones.

Traffic speed in the city centre

Specialists dealing with the Yanosik system examined the average speeds in summer, achieved by drivers in the largest Polish cities. The analysis covered traffic between 7.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. on business days. In Poznań, the average speed was above 43 km/h. The lowest average speed was recorded in Wrocław (39 km/h), Krakow (40 km/h) and Gdańsk (almost 42 km/h).

Lower average speeds were recorded in city centres. The lowest average speed in a city centre was recorded in Krakow (26.5 km/h) and Poznań (26.6 km/h), which may result from the introduction of zones of calm traffic in these cities.

Traffic flow plans

In 2017, the Municipal Traffic Engineer approved:

  • 524 new permanent traffic flow plans, improving road traffic safety, adapting road infrastructure to applicable regulations and improving traffic of public transport, private vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, and reorganising parking rules in the city (327 ones in 2016)
  • 1,187 temporary traffic flow plans aimed at improving the quality of travelling and the residents’ lives, through investment projects, reconstructions and renovations, carried out in roadways in the city (1,070 ones in 2016).


In 2017, 563.1 thousand vehicles were registered in Poznań, including 425.4 thousand passenger ones – 92.7 thousand ones more than a year earlier (the number of passenger cars increased by 68.6 thousand).

Driver training centres

There were 61 driver training centres in the city – two more than a year earlier. At 53 Wilczak Street, there is the Provincial Traffic Centre, which in 2017 carried out 8.5 thousand theoretical examinations and 16 thousand practical examinations, of which 5.4 thousand ones in total were passed in all categories.

The number of passenger cars in large Polish cities
200220102014201520162016/2002 w %
Poznań210 780285 411327 748338 984356 788169,3
Kraków257 823353 540406 925424 026448 004173,8
Łódź222 131298 119341 170351 870365 931164,7
Warszawa694 805931 4951 075 5001 131 1201 194 068171,9
Wrocław220 600314 061365 058381 831403 063182,7
Source: Central Statistical Office


Number of passenger cars per 1,000 residents in large Polish cities
200220102014201520162016/2002 w %
Source: Own calculations of the Central Statistical Office


Coherent Parking Policy for the Functional Space of the Poznań Metropolitan Area

The main objective of the “Coherent Parking Policy for the Functional Space of the Poznań Metropolitan Area” project is to improve the cohesion of transport links in the area of the parking policy within the Poznań Metropolitan Area, with a further mutual impact on selected local governments of the Wielkopolskie Province with a view to 2030.

The suburbanisation process taking place in the Poznań Metropolitan Area leads to increasingly more transport problems generated outside the city. The introduction and implementation of the parking policy is to reduce car traffic and increase passenger traffic in public transport, which will reduce emissions of exhaust fumes and noise, and will increase the efficiency of public transport.

P&R scheme

In the financing period up to 2030, the planned Park&Ride scheme includes three stages:

  • Stage 1 – a pilot car park in Szymanowski Street, the construction of which was completed in 2017. The first drivers parked their cars there in February 2018. 130 parking spaces for cars (including 6 ones for people with disabilities) are available. In the car park there are covered parking spaces for cyclists, and the entire facility is monitored. The car park can be entered on producing an active season ticket on a PEKA card (the parking system is linked to the PEKA system). The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2014-2020.
  • Stage 2 – construction of car parks in the following streets: Biskupińska (Strzeszyn), Wagrowska (Rataje-Rondo Starołęka), Św. Michała (Nowe Miasto). The tender for the construction of car parks was scheduled to be announced in the first half of 2018. The project will be completed with the launch of each Park&Ride car park at the end of 2019. The project will receive EU funding in the amount of PLN 8.96 million. The total cost of the project will be approx. PLN 13 million
  • Stage 3 – construction of car parks in Górczyn and Miłostowo.
Municipal parking system

The municipal parking system includes:

  • metered parking area (MPA), in which 8.6 thousand parking spaces are available
  • 7 buffer car parks located on the outskirts of the MPA, where 817 parking spaces are available.

In total, 9.5 thousand parking spaces are available in Poznań.