Poznań City Hall’s archive


In 2017, the implementation of investments in the education of Poznań, the aim of which was to improve the conditions of education for children and youth, was continued.

The investments included the construction of new facilities and the modernisation of educational buildings and classrooms, as well as the purchase of school equipment, playgrounds and playing fields.

Educational investments

The largest investments in educational facilities realised in 2017 in Poznań include:

  • construction of the School and Pre-School Complex in the area of Naramowice, Umultowo, Morasko and Radojewo, the cost of which was over PLN 28 million,
  • extension of Primary School No. 61 at ul. Szczepankowo, cost PLN 8 million,
  • construction of a 10-unit kindergarten in Strzeszyn, cost PLN 9.2 million,
  • construction of gymnasiums:
    • at Primary School No. 4, cost PLN 3.6 million,
    • at the School Complex with Sports Units No. 1, cost PLN 5.2 million,
    • at the School Complex with Sports Units No. 5, cost PLN 3 million,
  • construction of a gymnasium with a didactic part at the Primary School No. 68 at os. Jana III Sobieskiego, cost PLN 6.2 million,
  • comprehensive modernisation of buildings:
    • 3rd High School, cost PLN 5.4 million,
    • at ul. Kanclerska 31-33, in order to adapt it to the needs of the Special Schools Complex No. 103, cost PLN 11.6 million.

Modernisation of educational facilities

In 2017, a total of amount of PLN 5.4 million was allocated for the modernisation of educational facilities. The works included, among others:

  • repair of the roofs of the Complex of Schools and Educational Facilities,
  • modernisation of the school complex at ul. Słowackiego,
  • modernisation of the gymnasium intended for a hall of the first-level Music High School No. 2.

Energy renovation programme

The programme of energy renovation, for which PLN 1.5 million was spent, was continued. The programme covered:

  • replacement of windows,
  • modernisation of boiler room and central heating installation,
  • insulation of walls and roofs.

The task with the largest scope was the comprehensive energy renovation of the building of the Automotive School Complex, the cost of which was PLN 940 thousand.

School playing fields (Vocational Secondary School No. 19, Primary School No. 60) and school sports halls (38th High School) were modernised.

Educational projects of auxiliary units of the City

20 educational projects were selected as part of the competition for co-financing investment tasks of auxiliary units of the City – housing estates, including:

  • construction of the sports and recreation facility “Wicherek” at Primary School No. 11 at os. Wichrowe Wzgórze,
  • modernisation of the football pitch at Primary School No. 64 at os. Orła Białego with the creation of a track and a long jump,
  • modernisation of the recreation and educational square at Primary School No. 85 at ul. Tomickiego,
  • construction of the “Żwigurki” playground at the School and Pre-School Complex No. 5 at os. Kosmonautów,
  • creation of a Community Educational Garden at Primary School No. 72 with Bilingual and Sports Units at ul. Newtona.

Educational projects within the framework of the Poznań Civil Budget (PCB)

In 2017, the list of projects indicated by the residents within the framework of the PCB and implemented for a total amount of PLN 1.2 million included:

  • a household workshop for students with disabilities in the Vocational School Complex No. 2,
  • “Kasztelański Fitness” in Primary School No. 74,
  • reconstruction of the playground with a pavement and a mini playing field in Kindergarten No. 110,
  • renovation of the public playing field in Primary School No. 23,
  • renovation of the public playing field in Primary School No. 71.


1,167 beds in dormitories were prepared by the City of Poznań in the 2016/2017 school year for out-of-town students. Their use was 90%.

20 – the average size of a unit in a primary school in Poznań

22 – the average size of a unit in a middle school in Poznań

318 – the average number of pupils per 1 primary school

197 – the average number of pupils per 1 middle school

98.6% of pupils of primary and middle schools and all students of vocational secondary schools in Poznań were learning English.

4,456 – the number of teaching posts in primary and middle schools

2,679 – the number of advice provided by 8 psychological and pedagogical counselling centres in Poznań

Engineering and technical fields as well as fields related to services for the population were the most popular in vocational schools of Poznań in the 2016/2017 school year – 2/3 of students chose them. These fields were also very popular in vocational secondary schools (every fourth choice).