Young family with two children, smilingPoznań City Hall’s archive


Activities to promote the family and support its development were carried out as part of implementation of the “Family-support Policy for the City of Poznań for 2016-2020.”

Centre for Family Initiatives

In 2017, the Centre for Family Initiatives (CIR) implemented projects in the field of family-friendly policy and intergenerational integration, including educational, development and artistic activities for children, such as:

  • Czytam i Czuję,
  • Korki w Centrum,
  • Wakacje z Cali Mali,
  • Wtorkowe ArchiPrzygody,
  • Całkiem Inny Regał,
  • Letnia Akademia Robotyki,
  • Mikołajki z Naszej Bajki,

and projects, workshops and training for parents, such as:

  • Bag Full of Culture,
  • #Gadka_szMatka,
  • Mamy Prawa!,
  • Professional workshops on first aid for parents of children in the age from 0 to 10,
  • What and how to read with a two-year old,
  • Can Mom and Dad be Mediators,
  • Stimulus Family Culture,
  • Return to Work,
  • Christmas Family Workshop,
  • Friendly Family Place certificates,
  • Large Family Card.

The CIR provided comprehensive information services for families, among others, about the cultural and educational offer for families, the offer of day nurseries, as well as educational facilities of the Poznań Benefits Centre.

Holiday activities

During the holiday season, children and teenagers could enjoy a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Summer in Madalina,
  • Summer at the Fair,
  • Summer Castle for Children,
  • 17th Summer Art Emergency,
  • 17th Winter Art Emergency,
  • Winter at the Castle,
  • Winter with a Book,
  • Summer Stage at the Music Academy,
  • Summer Academy of Toddler,
  • outdoor cinemas.

Organisation of events for families

In 2017, the City supported the organisation of events for families, such as:

  • Poznań Family Days,
  • Gala of Families under the slogan “Poznań – a family-friendly city”,
  • All-Polish Family Fest,
  • Old Town Picnic,
  • Poznań Energy Days.

Support for families with problems

Among others, the following municipal programmes were continued as part of help for families requiring financial assistance:

  • Water Supply Fund,
  • Family Mediation,
  • Help for Families from Mariupol,
  • and the governmental programme Food Assistance.

Activities in the field of active participation of the local community in culture were carried out as part of the cultural educational and research project of the Centre for Educational Practices and included workshop and training for animators and teachers, as well as the contest Cooperation in Culture.

Activities to support families with care and educational problems were implemented as part of the municipal “Programme for family support and foster care for 2017-2020.” The family’s caring and educational functions were supported by 22 daytime support facilities operating in the care form, specialist form or in the form of courtyard work.

Foster care system

Care for and bringing up of children and youth who are fully or partially deprived of care and support from the natural family was provided through the systems of institutional and family foster care.
2.7 thousand children and young people benefited from the advice of 9 public psychological and pedagogical counselling centres, including counselling for children and young people with special educational needs and counselling for children with autism.

In 2017:

  • the Club for Foster Families, which provided them with psychological, pedagogical and legal support, was functioning at the “Swoboda” Family Support Centre,
  • the City of Poznań ran a campaign promoting foster parenthood We Have a Job for Mom and Dad,
  • as part of the EU programme “Improving access to social services supporting family and family foster care in the Municipal Functional Space of Poznań,” social services, such as family assistant and coordinator of family foster care, and specialist services: psychological, pedagogical, mediation and legal counselling, were provided.