Poznań City Hall’s archive, photo. M. Nowaczyk


In 2017, the sports and recreation base of Poznań included over 1 thousand facilities.

Sports and recreation facilities

In 2017, the sports and recreation base of Poznań included over 1 thousand facilities, among others:

  • 12 stadiums and sport fields with seats,
  • 505 football pitches (including 195 sport halls),
  • 141 tennis courts,
  • 62 outdoor gyms,
  • 29 squash courts,
  • 14 indoor pools,
  • 13 pitches, the so-called Orlik, built as part of the “Orlik 2012” programme,
  • 13 marinas,
  • 8 bowling alleys,
  • 7 facilities for practising street workout,
  • 6 archery tracks (including shooting ranges),
  • 6 mini basketball courts (located in city parks),
  • 6 outdoor pools (including city watering places),
  • 4 ice rinks,
  • 4 rope parks,
  • 3 climbing walls,
  • 3 trampoline parks,
  • 2 skate parks,
  • 1 hippodrome,
  • 1 car track,
  • 1 regatta course,
  • 1 summer toboggan run,
  • 1 ski run,
  • 1 golf course (Mini golf Malta),
  • 1 roller coaster “Adrenaline.”

Additionally, in 2017, 2 new sport facilities were opened at ul. Wiankowa: a place for practising street workout and a beach football pitch.

The extended sports and recreation base is managed by the Poznań Sports and Recreation Centres (POSiR), which within 7 branches offer various forms of activity in their facilities. The POSiR includes:

  • “Chwiałka” Branch,
  • Malta,
  • Youth Sport Centre,
  • “Arena” sport and entertainment hall,
  • Ośrodek Przywodny “Rataje,”
  • Camping Hotel “Malta,”
  • “Golęcin” Centre.

Sport successes of the City of Poznań:

  • The 2nd place in Poland was taken by the Poznań Youth Sport Centres in sport competition of children and young people run by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.
  • The Poznań Sports and Recreation Centres received the Award of the Mayor of Poznań for the best partner offer within the programme “Poznań PRO Family – promotion, development and protection of families with many children in Poznań – Large Family Card.”
  • The 18th Maciej Frankiewicz PKO Poznań Marathon took the 1st place in the category of TOP12 Marathons for the best turnout in the ending running season, and the 10th PKO Poznań Half-Marathon the 2nd place in the same category. The distinctions were awarded by the Polish Association of Street and Long-Distance Running.
  • The title of “Mister Camping 2017” was awarded to Camping Malta by the Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation, in cooperation with the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Tourism Organisation.

Investments and modernisation of sports and recreation facilities

In 2017:

  • the summer swimming pool in Kasprowicz Park was renovated,
  • opening of:
    • 3 covered tennis courts with social facilities in Ośrodek Przywodny “Rataje,”
    • new sport fields at os. Kobylepole (with an external gym and a playground) and at ul. Szpaków.
      Investments, modernisation and renovation works of the sports and recreation base were carried out, including:
  • modernisation of camping raw houses in the Camping Malta Hotel,
  • modernisation of sport halls and service premises, as well as replacement of sound system and cushions on the ice rink located in the “Chwiałka” Branch,
  • mud was removed and the stands on the “Malta” Regatta were modernised,
  • the pedestrian and bicycle route on Lake Malta was renovated,
  • renovation of:
    • grandstands and windows, and adaptation of the building to the fire protection requirements in the “Arena” sport and entertainment hall,
    • facade and windows in the hotel building in the “Golęcin” Centre,
  • modernisation of the Termy Maltańskie complex, where the renovation of the floor and showers in the locker room of recreational swimming pools was carried out, and the Water Playground for children on the outside beach was opened. The pavement along car parks was extended and the parking surface in the complex was repaired.

Preparatory works for the construction of a new athletics hall at ul. Warmińska started and a construction permit was obtained.

In 2017, 2 construction and working designs for the construction of covered swimming pools in Piastowskie and Zwycięstwa housing estates were prepared and an application for the construction permit for the swimming pool at Zwycięstwa estate was submitted.