Railway infrastructure

In 2017, Koleje Wielkopolskie Sp. z o.o. transported 7.5 million passengers on access routes to Poznań. The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) As part of the work to improve transport accessibility and connectivity, Poznań, as the core city of the TEN-T network with two transport corridors intersecting: the Baltic-Adriatic and the North Sea-Baltic, saw the following […]

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Poznań – Ławica Airport

In 2017, the number of air passengers was 1.852.655 persons. In 2017, the Poznań-Ławica Airport operated: 120 scheduled air connections a week, including 90 international flights in 32 directions: Alicante, Athens, Barcelona, Barcelona-Girona, Billund, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Doncaster, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Ejlat, Frankfurt am Main, Glasgow, Kyiv, Copenhagen, Corfu, Liverpool, London Luton, London Stansted, Lviv, Madrid, […]

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