Events and activities

  Promotional activities carried out in 2017 by the City of Poznań focused mainly on undertakings addressed to the residents. Their content was defined by historical anniversaries, campaigns resulting from the needs of the inhabitants and the tasks of the local government. The most interesting events co-organized by the City of Poznań in 2017 included: […]

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Promotional campaigns

The reach of the social campaign “Keep the Warta clean” is 931 735. In 2017, the City implemented many information and educational campaigns.The most important of these were: “36.6” – a campaign on tolerance. The aim of the project was to raise an important issue, which is respect for every human being and combating discrimination. […]

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Social Media

In 2017, promotional expenditures from the City budget amounted to PLN 4.0 million. The City of Poznań communicates on several most popular social media platforms. The City aims to: strengthen the visibility of its activities and facilitate reaching the user with its message, build a strong community involved in the activities of its brand, constantly […]

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