Pre-school education

Poznań City Hall’s archives   In 2017, the City of Poznań undertook numerous measures to provide all children of this age with access to pre-school care. Children covered by pre-school care In Poznań, nearly 90% of children aged 3 to 6 were covered by pre-school care. Pre-school education covered: 22% of three-year-olds, 26% of four-year-olds, […]

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Nursery age

Animation Theatre’s archive, photo. J. Wittchen   Activities to improve the conditions of childcare were carried out as part of the “Poznań programme of care for children up to 3 years old for 2016-2020.” Nursery care institutions In 2017, in Poznań, there were: 14 public day nurseries functioning within 4 Nursery Complexes, 92 non-public day […]

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Poznań City Hall’s archive   Activities to promote the family and support its development were carried out as part of implementation of the “Family-support Policy for the City of Poznań for 2016-2020.” Centre for Family Initiatives In 2017, the Centre for Family Initiatives (CIR) implemented projects in the field of family-friendly policy and intergenerational integration, […]

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